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GREENCOAT® is Strong, Sustainable, Water-Resistant Packaging that Meets the Demands of the Seafood Industry

The seafood industry demands high-performance packaging to keep cold and wet products such as seafood, salmon and other fish fresh from catch to customer. For decades, the seafood industry has relied on wax and EPS. However, much like the poultry industry, the seafood industry is feeling the pressure from customers to deliver product in sustainable packaging. Greencoat® was introduced to the seafood industry in 2013 and processors and distributors in the U.S. and abroad have found that it stands up to the constant rigor of processing and transportation. Unlike EPS, Greencoat® ships flat, saving valuable shipping and storage space. Greencoat® is less expensive than wax and EPS and pays for itself quickly by reducing waste, improving operations, increasing sales and decreasing customers’ waste removal fees. Seafood companies that switch to Greencoat® never go back to non-recyclable boxes because it provides the same strength and performance they need, but is 100% recyclable and repulpable, which saves money and is significantly better for the environment.

Nothing performs like strong, sustainable Greencoat®. Contact us and ask for side-by-side trial with your current packaging >

Financial Benefits

  • Costs less than wax and EPS boxes
  • Your customers save $50 to $70 per ton in disposal fees
  • Your customers earn $70 to $100 per ton by recycling

Environmental Benefits

  • FBA-approved, 100% recyclable and repulpable
  • Reduced C02 emissions
  • Quarterly and Annual Sustainability Impact Reports

Product Benefits

  • Moisture resistant
  • Ideal for packing and shipping cold and wet products
  • Strong and durable
  • Stacks flat, saving on shipping and storage
  • Won’t crack or break like EPS
  • Customizable to your needs




"From a business perspective, it makes perfect sense. Our customers don't want to bear the costs of landfilling boxes, so recyclable packaging is an added value that we can offer. It's the next step in our evolution."
Eddie Gonzales, Sales Representative, New Orleans Fish House

Join the Greencoat® Revolution

Fight landfill waste while improving the bottom lines of both you and your customers. Contact us today!

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