Greencoat® - Our Promise


If you are in an industry that packs and ships cold and wet products, performance is the number one factor you are seeking in a sustainable, wax replacement packaging solution. Organizations that switch to Greencoat® never look back because Greencoat® delivers on its promise of performance. Here's why:

PPARTNER: We work with you to ensure a successful transition from wax, reusable plastic crates or EPS to Greencoat®

EENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Greencoat® boxes are FDA-approved, 100% recyclable and repulpable

RREDUCE LANDFILL COST: With Greencoat®, your customers decrease landfill costs and generate a revenue stream by recycling

FFOCUS: Our expertise in the poultry, produce and seafood markets enables us to meet your specific needs

OOPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Our Mechanical Packaging team ensures your box-making machines are always operational

RREDUCE WASTE: Greencoat® Sustainability Impact Reports demonstrate that your company is committed to reducing waste

MMOISTURE RESISTANCE: Greencoat’s® patented formula and process is proven for packing and shipping cold and wet products

AALL-IN: Our team of packaging strategists provides support at the customer and plant levels

NNOTICEABLE: We use cutting edge preprint technology to showcase your brand and help you increase sales

CCENTRALLY LOCATED: Greencoat® is manufactured in Columbia, SC and Cambridge, MD with distribution centers throughout the U.S

EEVOLUTION: We help your company evolve to sustainable packaging with Greencoat®

Nothing performs like strong, sustainable Greencoat®.